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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem a gift card?

Gift cards can be redeemed through the CourseHorse website and may be used on any class on the site. To redeem, simply enter the gift card code on the checkout page.

How long is a gift card valid for?

Gift cards never expire, so you can contemplate whether you’d like to be a chef, artist, dancer, programmer, or whatever else for as long as you like.

Is there a minimum or maximum gift card amount?

While we have some pre-set amounts, you’re welcome to add as much as you like. There is a $5 minimum purchase amount and no maximum purchase amount-- the sky is the limit!

Do I receive CourseHorse rewards points for gift card purchases?

Yes, you’ll receive 5% back in rewards points on gift card purchases.

Can I use a promotional code to purchase a gift card?

We do not currently allow promotional codes to be used on gift card purchases. We do, however, sometimes offer exclusive discounts on gift cards.

Why is the recipient's full name required for a mailed gift card?

The recipient's name is only printed on the address label for shipping. Use the name of the person the card is being shipped to. The recipient's name is not printed on the physical gift card itself unless you've included it in your message.

Can gift cards be combined with other gift cards for a single purchase?

Yes, we can combine all gift cards that were purchased at regular price. Simply contact us with the gift card codes you'd like to combine, and we'll send you a fresh one within 1-2 business days. If gift cards were purchased on promotion, combination is subject to the promotional T&Cs.

Is there a recommended amount that will allow someone to purchase most classes?

Classes tend to run a wide range in price. We recommend the following based on popular categories:
Cooking: $100+ per person
Arts: $100+ per person
Tech: $200+ per person
Language: $250+ per person
Professional: $250+ per person

Is it better to buy a class or a gift card?

If you’re buying a gift for someone, due to the variety of school cancellation policies we highly recommend you buy a gift card. This way, your recipient can choose the date and time that best suits their schedule.

Can a gift card be refunded?

We do not allow refunds on gift cards. We’re constantly adding more and more classes to our offerings, and are sure we can find something for the gift card recipient! If they’re having trouble finding a class they love, we would be happy to help in the search efforts.

What classes make good gifts?

If you don't know your recipient's schedule, we recommend buying a gift card and including a link to a class recommendation. That said, we know choosing from more than 75,000 classes can be daunting. To help you out, we've collected a few fan favorites to make your hunt for the perfect class easier. Browse our NYC class guides for recommendations in New York (more city guides coming soon!):

Can my gift card be used on any class on CourseHorse?

Yep! We work with thousands of schools ranging from colleges & universities to the best dance, art, cooking and career schools. The CourseHorse gift card can be used on any class on the site.